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MN Youth Convention | Kirby St. John, DYD

On October 17-18 over 4,000 people gathered at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, MN, for MYC 2019. The theme this year was LEGENDARY.

Minnesota students were challenged to live a life that is remembered by everyone with whom they come in contact. Living a legendary life only happens when young people are not afraid to live out their faith in our world today, and we want our students to step confidently into what the Holy Spirit prompts them to do.

River Valley Worship returned this year to lead powerful worship sets. The Thursday and Friday evening sessions featured the ministry of Chris Estrada, Executive Director of Missions Me College in Southern California. Pastor Chris brought a powerful message of salvation Thursday evening and encouraged students to live out their faith in a legendary way. Over 700 students who had never heard the gospel before were able to experience this powerful salvation invitation free of charge through our “unchurched friend” scholarship.

Emcee Terrence Talley introduced The Bryan Drake Show for a late-night event on Thursday. The unique mix of comedy, mentalism, and illusion impacted the students with a Christ-centered approach.

On Friday afternoon, youth evangelist Micah MacDonald challenged students and leaders in one of the areas he is most passionate: giving to missions. Micah’s life is a great testimony to the impact that living in submission to God’s will and giving sacrificially can have on your world and the world around you.

Students and leaders raised $94,228.82 for a STL project to build water wells in Africa!

We are following up MYC19 with a four-week “LEGENDARY” sermon series, encouraging students to change the world through what they have seen and experienced. The series will end with a statewide Speed the Light offering on November 20. Youth Pastor/ Leader resources are available for download online at

We are excited to see what will happen across the state as students step out and stand up for what they believe! Save the date for MYC 2020 on October 15-16.