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Change The Map

Missions is a huge priority for the Minnesota District. We have been highly intentional about “giving” and “sending,” but have we all been as intentional about praying for missions?

Recently, the Assemblies of God World Missions department has significantly emphasized praying for the Buddhist/Hindu world, a crucial part of our global community. In alignment with this focus, the MN District has set a goal to raise 2,500 prayer partners from local churches to intercede fervently on behalf of our Buddhist and Hindu friends.

Change The Map (CTM) is a prayer advocacy movement that is leading the charge when it comes to praying for the unreached and lost who live in some of the darkest places in our world. CTM has incredible resources that churches can utilize to equip people to pray. The role of pastors is to lead people into this prayer movement by providing them with inspiration and resources that will allow them to be a part of changing the map. Here are several ways to do that:

– Invite congregants to sign up at

– Download the CTM app

– Present CTM prayer points to weekly prayer meetings

– Start a text messaging prayer group

Here is a look at what Corey Erickson, Executive Pastor at River of Life in Sauk Centre and CTM Liaison for MDC, shared, “Last year, our church decided to be more intentional about leading our people in prayer for missions. We asked people to sign up to get three prayer prompts a week through text messages, using a texting system that is entirely free and available to all churches. We now have approximately 175 people receiving these prayer prompts. Every Monday, we send a link to the latest CTM prayer points. On Wednesday, we remind them of a missionary we support as a church with a few prayer requests. On Friday, we ask them to pray for one of the 7,000+ unreached people groups. We have templates for each day, so it takes no more than 5 minutes to send out these messages. Becoming more intentional about praying for missions has been very powerful for our church, for our people, and, I believe, the Kingdom of God.”

If you would like to know more about using text messaging to build your prayer presence or to chat about any other strategy to help raise up the 2,500 intercessors for the Buddhist/Hindu world, please contact Corey at .

Visit for more information and to sign up as one of the 2,500 prayer partners with the MN District.