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Bobby Loukinen, Director of AIM (Ambassadors in Missions), has accomplished great strides to mobilize Minnesota students for short-term missions experiences.

In 2023, AIM engaged 339 participants for a record-breaking year of missions involvement. This tremendous growth in 2023 made it one of their most successful years, breaking their previous record, which was set in 2022.

One of the greatest things about AIM is tapping into the passions and talents of all students. “We try to think: ‘What are some passions that kids have?’ ‘What are some skills and interests they have?’ so we can figure out how to mobilize them in missions,” said Bobby. This strategy has seen the introduction of unique trips tailored to specific interests. Notably, the “Geek Trip” and “Rock Band Trip” have proven successful, engaging students who can relate to others in a way that not everyone can through their skills and interests. These initiatives aim to bridge the gap between their passions, like gaming or music, and the opportunity to share their faith in a language that resonates with their peers.

Looking ahead, AIM is exploring new avenues, including a potential drama camp where students can express their creativity while incorporating gospel messages into plays. Additionally, an art trip is in the works, aiming to use students’ artistic talents to create murals with meaningful messages and imagery in Saint Paul. All these ideas are geared towards using kids’ passions and talents to spread the word of Jesus.

Bobby  emphasized the importance of AIM’s mission culture, “We want students to ‘Give, Go, and Grow,’ which are three words that I use all the time.” Ambassadors in Missions aims to instill a lifelong commitment to following Christ through active participation in missions, beyond the offering bucket. They encourage students to engage actively in missions, fostering personal growth and a deepened connection with their faith.