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AG Church Multiplication Network Conference Recap

The annual national conference organized by the AG Church Multiplication Network (CMN) serves as a source of inspiration for many of Minnesota’s church planters and their teams. This year marked a milestone with the largest group ever from MN to attend the event. Seventy-three MN planters and teams from 21 churches converged for a transformative three-day conference held in Houston.

One of the highlights of the event is the opportunity provided by the MDC (Minnesota District Council), offering scholarships to lead planters within their first three years of planting. This support extends beyond individual planters, as many also bring additional team members, enriching the experience for all involved.

Brianna Holland, lead pastor and church planter of Legacy Church in Virginia, MN, shares her perspective on the significance of the CMN Conference:

“The CMN Conference is so much more than a great conference (though IT IS the best one I have been to)! The way MDC sends planters at very strategic times in their planting journey is so impactful! The planters get to connect with other local MN planters, coaches, and leaders. They get to sense the big family they are a part of within the CMN network. God has used these few days away at the conference to do so much in my life. I am thankful for a district that invests in me and a network that considers me family!”

Brianna’s sentiment is echoed throughout the community of church planters, emphasizing the importance of not just the conference itself but also the network and support system it represents. The gathering catalyzes connection, growth, and a reminder of the collective mission shared by those involved in church planting efforts across Minnesota. The CMN Conference offers not only practical insights and resources but also a sense of belonging and encouragement in their journey of faith and ministry.