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Missions Matters

Many of you have heard the story of how God has challenged me over the past few years to bring missions to the forefront of my ministry. It started with a greater understanding of our fellowship’s deep heritage in missions and eventually brought me to India, where my grandfather, Bartholomew Dean, served as a missionary. That process led us to step out in faith in student ministry in the areas of giving and going. In fact, my last assignment as DYD was a mission trip in June to Ethiopia. That same call on my heart as DYD continues now as your Superintendent.

The Assemblies of God was founded as a missions movement. This is still true today for our district and our fellowship. God has laid a few specific dreams on my heart as it relates to missions that I was able to share at the Prayer and Fasting Retreat (my full message from the first session of 2017 Prayer & Fasting can be heard at

My dream is to see the current team of Minnesota AGWM missionaries, Missionary Associates, and other missionaries multiplied several times over.

I am praying the Lord of the Harvest will help us see 1,000 more people called from MN churches and sent into various missions assignments, starting with at least one person from every church. Would you ask the Lord of the Harvest to call laborers from your church?

On July 1, 2014, Denny Duron led the family camp offering. Denny pointed to the Dining and Event Center, still under construction, and spoke out a prophetic word. He said that building would be used to host a worldwide summit of leading

minds in missions. My dream is to see the fulfillment of that prophetic word. Will you pray that God would use our resources to host a strategic gathering that focuses on reaching every tribe, tongue, and nation with the hope of the Gospel?

Another dream is to see every Lead Pastor in MN go on a missions trip every other year. God expands our vision when we are able to see the need. Will you pray about where God would have you go on one of these upcoming trips?

One more dream is that God would help us provide leadership to our entire fellowship in generosity. We can lead the nation in giving by sowing money into missions. We can be “ground zero,” sending missionaries out of MN. What if new missionaries could raise full support in a year or even six months instead of 18 months? Would you pray for creative solutions to launch missionaries into God’s calling for their lives?

Just 46 days after Roger Bannister made history as the first human to break the 4-minute mile barrier, John Landy of Australia beat Roger’s record. What was thought to be impossible became doable. If he did it, then someone else could too. Within only four years 22 other runners broke the 4-minute barrier as well. Today, there are over 400 runners in the US alone who have run a sub-4-minute mile.

I believe God wants to use MN to break barriers in missions. Let’s pray for something bigger than ourselves and for the lost. Will you join me?

-Mark Dean