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White Earth Indian Assembly and Rice Lake Area Fellowship AG | Pastor Lowell & Maria Laudert

Lowell Laudert’s journey into ministry may not follow the typical narrative, but it’s filled with unexpected twists. From military service to pastoral calling, his path reflects a unique blend of faith, culture, and community.

“I tell people God tricked me,” Lowell humorously reflects on his unlikely journey into ministry. Initially drawn to his Native American heritage while sharing his faith in Jesus, Lowell never anticipated being called into pastoral ministry. “I thought I was going to do culture and language, but God had other plans.”

Lowell attended MNSOM with the goal of reaching Native Americans with the Gospel. After completing a short military deployment, Lowell was told by several people about an open church in White Earth, MN. He felt the Lord was moving him and his wife, Maria, in this direction. They said “yes” to serving as pastor of White Earth Indian Assembly and Rice Lake Area Fellowship AG. Part of God’s calling on Lowell’s life is to let the tribal community know they do not have to give up their culture or language to follow Christ.

Maria’s journey mirrored Lowell’s in its unexpected turns. Hesitant at first to assume the role of a pastor’s wife, she found reassurance in a divine message affirming her worthiness. Together, they work through the challenges of ministry, blending their past experiences with a newfound commitment to serving their community.

With deep roots in Native American culture and profound respect for his heritage, Lowell emphasizes embracing one’s cultural identity while staying true to the Christian faith. “There’s no need to separate culture and Christianity,” he asserts, highlighting the harmony he strives to maintain in his ministry. Lowell pursued his cultural identity by learning his Ojibwe name, Maiingaans. Which means “Little Wolf.”

As bi-vocational pastors, Lowell and Maria offer this invaluable insight for fellow pastors, particularly those in bi-vocational ministry. “The location outside the church is as important as the emphasis on the church itself, showing the importance of prioritizing spiritual growth and connection with God in and outside the four walls of the church. Carrying out your ministry in your bi-vocational ventures is another opportunity to spread the Gospel.”

As they continue their journey in ministry, Lowell and Maria remain committed to fostering meaningful relationships, bridging cultural divides, and creating a church where all are welcomed and valued.