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Girls’ Statewide Campout Recap |  Sara Wille, MN Girls’ Ministry

Rain…though it’s a beautiful gift from God, it’s not the sort of gift you ask for when camping! The Girls’ Statewide Campout happened September 23-25. An outdoor camping adventure that features worship, outdoor skills, and campfire time. Many prayers were raised asking for a dry campout for our girls and leaders, yet “Your will be done.” Thankfully, God’s plans are perfect!

Our amazing male volunteers were our heroes, getting groups set up in their sites efficiently amidst the drizzle, delivering dry firewood and making sure all was well. The pivot was seamless, moving the evening service under the dry pavilion. The girls were attentive and excited for what God was going to do. Sure enough, over 65 girls committed their lives to Christ that night! He never disappoints!

Yet, God is not impressed with numbers. He still goes after the “one.” Indeed, one girl who did not make that commitment to Christ Friday ended up heading home with her mother for the night because their tent was not handling the rain well. Jennifer and Sarah planned to return for the day Saturday before heading home again to prepare for Sunday morning commitments. Disappointed by missing the first night, Jennifer decided to find a replacement for herself at church so Sarah could enjoy the full experience Saturday night at Campout. A full experience, it was indeed!

As “Good, Good Father” was playing during Saturday’s altar invitation, Jennifer noticed that Sarah was sobbing. When asked what was wrong, Sarah kept repeating “I just feel so happy!” Jennifer then asked, “Do you feel like it’s God?” Immediately, Sarah responded “Yes, I want Jesus in my heart!” Another leader joined them and guided Sarah through a sinner’s prayer. As they finished, Jennifer noticed that God had completely dispersed the clouds and revealed His glorious heavens above! What a perfect picture of God’s love and redemption plan for us all!

Save the date for the 2023 Girls’ Statewide Campout – September 22-24, 2023!