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We hope you all had a great summer! We are excited to jump back into these weekly resource emails to help equip you in your ministry. We will try to cover all topics in church media, marketing, worship technology, and visual design. If you have any favorite resources, blogs, or podcasts that you love, feel free to share it with us!

Why does the mix change when service starts?

Have you ever noticed as a worship leader or sound engineer that the audio mix (in the house and monitors) sounds different between rehearsal and the service? This article explains the effect that adrenaline has on an audio mix and how to avoid this issue:

66 FREE sermon graphics

As you are planning your sermon series for the next year, you may be planning a few series that walk through certain books of the Bible! Ryan Haught from Ministry Voice released a collection of free graphics, each with the name and theme of every book of the Bible! As you design your series, take advantage of this free collection:

Free Church Sermon Series Graphics

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