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Today we are sharing two different approaches to switching multiple cameras for a live stream. We’ll look at hardware switchers, specifically the ATEM series from BlackMagic Designs, and we’ll also look at an app-based approach with Switcher Studio.

ATEM Video Switchers

In this video, Jake Gosselin from Churchfront walks through the lineup of video switcher hardware from BlackMagic. You’ll learn how to:

1. Decide which model of switcher is best for your church
2. How to set up and control an ATEM switcher
3. Add your audio and presentation software feed

Switcher Studio App

This video is from a pastor in Ohio who walks through how to use Switcher Studio on iPads. This app allows you to connect multiple iPads over WiFi and use their built-in cameras to create a multi-camera live stream complete with audio, overlays, and transitions! There are dozens of other videos about Switcher Studio, but we wanted to show you from the perspective of another church. Click below to check it out!


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