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The word “branding” can be a bad word in churches, but we want to briefly address it and share a few ideas to think about. Branding is so much more than just a logo and a few fonts, and it encompasses everything from the way you communicate to the way your community thinks of your church.

How do you describe your brand?

What does your church mean to your community? How do you communicate about your church? These are all aspects of your brand, and they go so much deeper than your logo and color scheme.
This article thoughtfully addresses the essence of what branding is, and might give you some questions to ask yourself as you discover what your brand is and what you want your brand to be.

“A Sandbox With Edges”

This article from ChurchTechToday offers some helpful advice for developing consistency with your church’s branding. Think about how you can develop words to describe the “flavor” or essence of how you describe your church to your community. You can create a set of guidelines that make your communication cohesive without restricting your visual designs. Check out this article to learn more:

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