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This weekend at Equip Conference, I lead a breakout session about Live Streaming. If you came to my session, I’d love to chat further about how your church can take some next steps toward live streaming or improving your existing stream! In today’s email, I’m sharing a couple resources that can help.

OBS Walk-through

OBS is a free software for live streaming, and I would recommend it to any church that wants to get started! It does have a learning curve, so make sure you do your research. This video shows how to setup a live stream on OBS using a webcam as the main camera source. If you already have a camcorder or other camera with an HDMI output, you can also use a capture device such as the AJA UTap to connect your camera to your computer.

How to run HDMI over 100 feet

HDMI is a great way to connect cameras, computers, projectors and other video gear, but you have to remember that HDMI is not designed to run a distance longer than 25-30′. For long runs in your sanctuary, use an HDMI to Cat5 extender, and watch this video to learn how to set it up:

Instagram Hack

Do you ever get frustrated that you can’t include links in your Instagram posts? This article lists some great resources for including multiple links in your bio! Campsite and both look like amazing options.

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