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This week, we’re sharing a video reviewing the latest console from Behringer (think X32 on steroids) plus a long-form podcast from Pro Church Tools on 11 social media rules for smaller churches!

Behringer Wing Sound Board

Behringer’s release of the X32 console (pictured above) made digital sound mixing accessible to thousands of churches. Last month, Behringer announced the Behringer Wing, their newest addition to their audio console offerings. In this video, Jake Gosselin from Churchfront shares his thoughts on whether or not churches should upgrade to this board in 2020. It has powerful new features and works with the X32 and M32 digital snake. If you’re thinking about getting a new soundboard in 2020, check out this video to see whether this might be a good choice for you!

11 Social Media Rules for Smaller Churches

This video and podcast from Brady Shearer and Alex Mills of Pro Church Tools shares in-depth ideas and tips for churches to be successful at social media. Most churches in the US (and in Minnesota) are under 200 people, so these strategies are geared towards churches of that size range. This video is over an hour in length, and you can also find it on their podcast channel wherever you listen to podcasts.

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