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Minnesota School of Ministry (MNSOM) | Pam Lund, Director

Every summer, the General Council of the Assemblies of God issues the results of an annual study that identifies the AG learning institutions that result in the largest number of credentialed ministers. The AG categorizes its learning institutions into three categories: Universities such as North Central University, District Schools of Ministry such as MNSOM, and self-study institutes such as Berean or Pathways. This year’s results revealed that more students studied via MNSOM to earn AG credentials than any of the other thirty-eight Districts Schools of Ministry across the nation. Additionally, MNSOM is now the largest District School of Ministry in the United States and is currently shepherding over 317 students to qualify for AG credentials.

So, what is fueling the year-to-year growth in MNSOM? God is stirring and calling His people in Minnesota to unique settings and to various people groups in Minnesota and around the world. Adults preparing for early retirement are studying. People called to chaplaincy in the corporate world, cancer wards, first responders and prisons all have received a call from God and are answering with enthusiasm and passion.

MNSOM seeks to assist these people in fulfilling God’s call on their lives with three distinct factors: convenient locations, affordability, and the ability to build a network of ministry relationships. After completing the self-study assignment before the class, students attend MNSOM classes at a location relatively close to them for a one-day-a-month class. The Minnesota District is blessed with highly talented college professors, district officials, and credentialed ministers who are passionate about teaching and investing in the next wave of ministers. Students thrive and benefit from face-to-face interactions with instructors and fellow students—many forging ministry relationships and friendships for life.

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