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Girls’ Statewide Campout | Sara Wille, MN Girls’ Ministry

What a Wildly Wonderful weekend we had at The Woods on Lake Placid! Each year, MN Girls Ministries is honored to host a Statewide Campout event for 3rd through 12th-grade girls. This event provides a fun environment for girls to develop life-giving relationships, witness Godly manhood, and encounter God in a deeper way.

This year, there were 116 girls and teens brought by 47 Godly women for an amazing weekend of fun activities, learning and developing skills, relationship building, and drawing closer to God. The theme was Wildly Wonderful, based on Psalm 104:24, which lent itself to affirming their worth and identity in Christ. Our speaker, Pastor Stacy Nuttall, brought home the message loud and clear, as evidenced by a multitude of girls weeping at the altars each night, pouring their hearts out to their Heavenly Father. “I don’t know why I can’t stop crying,” some girls said as they experienced the Holy Spirit working in their hearts.

Several girls gave their lives to the Lord for the very first time, while others experienced God doing deeper work in their hearts. A favorite quote from the weekend was from a beaming 13-year-old named Bella, “It was so cool to see the younger girls crying and praying at the altar, and I even got to pray with one of them!” The next night, she was one of the girls crying at the altar, receiving more of what God had for her!

Some of the girls’ other favorite things included shooting sports, pressing fresh apple juice, eating apple fritters, games with Jayna, spending time with their leaders, and having fun with the minutemen. They also enjoyed seeing the fruits of their giving. By raising $4,653.86 for Africa Oasis, the girls were able to see the Directors and Campout Coordinators of both the Girl’s Ministries and Royal Rangers become human hotdogs, complete with ketchup, mustard, relish, and buns. What a great Minnesota win!