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With so much of our ministry being 100% online right now, churches are exploring new digital formats for community and membership. This will hopefully become the foundation for rock-solid digital strategies that will continue to serve your church for years to come!

Digital Membership Class

Seth Muse, a church communications blogger, wrote this article with ideas for holding your membership/next-steps class in a digital format. With in-person meetings currently being suspended, we wanted to share some creative ways to continue membership processes for your church.
Whatever method you choose, make sure you post sign-up links in the comment section of your Sunday live stream so that visitors will be able to sign up to receive more information. For more ideas, click on Seth’s article below!

Running a Successful Church Facebook Group

Facebook Pages and Groups are very different tools, and this article (also from Seth Muse) explains the important differences between them. Understanding how to use both of them will give you an advantage in reaching people in your city and engaging with the members of your church. Whether your church already uses Facebook Groups or is just starting to explore the option, this article shares 5 tips for effectively using Facebook Groups for your church community!

Be sure to check out for other insightful tips and communication solutions for churches.

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