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Website design should be one of your biggest priorities in drawing new people to your church. Fortunately, there are many great platforms that make it easier than ever to design, build, and maintain a beautiful and effective website!

Best Church Website Builders

Which website platform does your church use? This article lists 6 platforms that are most recommended for churches. Three of them (Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly) are not church specific, and the others are specifically tailored for churches and ministries (Sharefaith, Ministry Designs, and Nucleus). Click below to read the pros and cons of each platform and find which one will fit best for your budget and needs!

Website Design Trends

Which current design trends will work for your church’s website? Design trends can change a little from year to year, but it is worth making an effort to learn about these trends so that your media can look as relevant as possible. Check out this list of new website trends that will help your church’s website stand out to your community! (Also: remember to always, always, always check how your website looks and responds on a mobile device.)

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