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If you’re not part of one of the several church media communities on Facebook, request to join one today! I am a member of several groups myself, and they are one of the first places that I look when I have a problem to solve, or just need inspiration!

CMG Visual Church Media

This Facebook group has close to 35,000 members from churches around the world. This is your place to go to ask questions about media for your church services, as well as photography, video, social media, and graphics. The group is run by Jeff McIntosh, the founder of A lot of discussion in this group revolves around motion backgrounds, ProPresenter, and visual design, but feel free to ask any church media related question. You may have 5-10 people comment with answers on your post!

Church Communications

This group is for discussion about church communication, marketing, social media, and websites. This group of nearly 20,000 people is run by Katie Allred, the founder of If you’re working on a new bulletin, marketing program, or website, this is the place to go to find inspiration and ask questions!

Church Sound and Media Techs

Church sound and media can be one of the most challenging and frustrating roles in any church! Thankfully, you’re not alone. With over 50,000 members worldwide, this Facebook group is the place to go for your questions regarding any technology in your sanctuary or tech booth. If you’re looking to purchase new equipment, troubleshoot problems with your existing equipment, or just browse and learn, you’ll find the help you need. It’s reassuring to know that hundreds of other people have fixed the same technical difficulty that you’re having.

Pro Tip: A lot of questions have already been asked hundreds of times in these groups. Do yourself a favor and click the “Search this group” bar on the left side with your topic, and you’ll likely find your answer before you even have to ask!

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