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About BGMC

2024 BGMC Projects
Give Your Children The they can give the world Jesus!

Give your children the world by opening their eyes to the colorful cultures, faraway lands and special needs of people all across the earth. The Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge, BGMC, is a missions education program dedicated to teaching children about their brothers and sisters around the world  and the world’s need for salvation. Best of all, each child’s training is accompanied by an opportunity for him to respond to the Great Commission through BGMC.

Since 1949, BGMC has worked hand in hand with home missions pastors and foreign missionaries to spread the gospel. Pennies, nickels, dimes and dollars, given by caring children, add up to nearly $5 million annually and contribute greatly to the following efforts:

Home Missions
  • Sunday School literature and hymnals for new churches in North America
  • Evangelism materials for outreach to college campuses through Chi Alpha ministries
  • Bible study courses for prison ministries
  • Taped and Braille books for the blind
  • Evangelism materials for intercultural ministries
Foreign Missions
  • Translation and printing of Sunday School literature
  • Translation and printing of Bibles
  • Evangelism correspondence courses
  • Tapes for radio and TV broadcasts
  • Textbooks and library books for training national pastors in foreign Bible schools

Help your children respond to the Great Commission by encouraging their participation in Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge in your church!
Help them give the world Jesus!

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