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In this video, we are sharing a couple methods for adding lyrics and other graphics overlays to your live stream. There are many ways to do this, but we’re highlighting just a few to get you started!

Software options

If you already use ProPresenter for displaying lyrics and media at your church, you can send the output of ProPresenter into the free live stream software OBS as an overlay. This video from RenewedVision explains how to do this. This option is great because you can do it all on one computer and present your lyrics over live cameras or a pre-recorded worship video.

If you don’t use ProPresenter and want to explore a free option for presenting lyrics, OpenLP is a free software that can present worship lyrics or scriptures over your video in OBS. This article explains how to set it up.

Adding a graphics input with the ATEM Mini

The ATEM Mini is the most affordable and powerful video switcher available to churches in 2020. This video explains two different ways to add lyrics with this switcher. Click below to check it out!

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