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Good morning, Minnesota media leaders!
In this email, we’re sharing some simple tools to make better announcement and promo videos for your church!

How to (legally) use music in your videos:

Every video you make will likely have some fun, upbeat music in the background. However, there are only a few ways to legally use music that properly pay the artists. The good news is that services like make it easy to license the PERFECT song for your video at an affordable price. The basic plan for Soundstripe is $135/year which gives you unlimited song downloads to use in your videos. This gives you the legal right to play it in front of people on Sunday morning AND to post the video on Facebook or any online platform! Click here for a helpful video that explains how to use this incredible service:

Tips for creative, unique video shots

Here’s another great video from one of our favorites, Brady Shearer from Pro Church Tools.
In this one, he shows 7 techniques for filming beautiful shots that will spice up your church promo videos. Check it out and follow his channel!

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