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On March 13-14, 2020 (just before coronavirus restrictions) we held the first ever “” conference at the Mall of America! This was the first ever conference of its kind in Minnesota and the Midwest, and one of the only conferences like it in the entire nation. Fifty-five leaders gathered with many churches also sending teams of three or four key leaders!

We had the support of Kirby St. John, Morgan Pearson, and the MSM team as well as Logan Ketterling, Matt Martinez, and Jimmy Leasure helping us behind the scenes. Stephanie MacDonald, Matt Gusmer, and Taylor Marshall led us into worship, and we also heard from speakers, including Dr. Allen Tennison, a panel of leaders, and Micah and myself.

During the opening worship set, I stood on the sixth floor of Mall of America, overlooking IKEA, where I could see the airport. I saw an airplane on the tarmac and felt the whisper of the Holy Spirit say, “Watch this thing take off!” I did, and the plane took off powerfully. I turned and saw the room filled with passionate leaders worshiping Jesus. I thought of each church, college, and community represented and I can’t wait to watch each of their ministries take off! Save the date for next year’s conference happening March 5-6, 2021.

The Minnesota Young Adults ministry exists to see sinners saved by our savior, saints strengthened in the Spirit, and servants sent locally and globally! We know we will see this happen through having a network of relationships, creating and sharing of resources, as well as having rallying points together! Serving the vision of our district, we believe that young adults in rural communities, suburban contexts, as well as urban locations all need to be reached. Young adult ministries are starting and being strengthened successfully in each of those ways!

We have resources to stay connected with us online at They include our Podcast with weekly episodes and a form to request access to our Facebook Group. Micah and I are available to serve, pray, support, and encourage you and your young adult teams.