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We’re sharing some inspiration from the successful at-home formats that Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, and other late-night hosts are switching to. If your church is considering changing your services to an informal, at-home setting, these videos might give you some ideas on how and why you might do this!

Creating at-home content

Churches can get some great ideas for how to do pre-recorded live streams by watching what celebrities have been doing on YouTube and social media. This article from includes a video of a recent episode of The Tonight Show that Jimmy Fallon recorded from home. It’s just recorded on a phone and includes a video chat with a guest and a call-to-action for donating to a charity. There’s a lot of great ideas on how to format an online service, whether it’s replacing a service from your church building or adding extra ministry opportunities during the week. Click below to check it out!

Creating an Online Church Service

In this video, Brady Shearer of Pro Church Tools gives his take on how churches can adapt to online church. He emphasizes setting a goal for your online content to drive your church’s mission forward, rather than just re-creating your typical Sunday service experience in an online format. He also shares some practical tips for doing communion and other service elements and addresses service length for live streams.

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