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This week, we’re talking about all the ways you can record your sermons, and we’ll also look at some tips for making your church’s website more effective!

Recording your sermons

This article explains how to record sermon audio at your church with a variety of different setups.
Many times, the easiest way is to go through your mixer. The article will help you figure out how to get from your mixer to recording software (like Audacity) or how to go into a handheld recording device. Even without a soundboard, there are still easy ways to capture audio of your message. Check out this article for ideas on how to get started or improve your existing setup!

Best practices for your website

This article from discusses three priorities for how you communicate through your church’s website. The three points are:
1. Know Your Audience
2. Make Key Information Visible
3. Use Simple Language

This article breaks these down in detail. Check it out for ideas and inspiration to help bring your church’s website to the next level!

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