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World Assemblies of God Fellowship Senders’ Summit

Several years ago, during the construction phase of the Dining and Event Center at Lake Geneva, the Family Camp speaker, Denny Duron, prophesied that this site would one day host a strategic meeting of global missions leaders. Inspired by this word, Mark Dean extended an invitation to Brad Walz, chairman of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship Missions Commission, to consider Lake Geneva as the venue for the first Senders’ Summit. This prophecy became a reality on May 15-19 when 150 International Missions Directors from 71 countries gathered to embark on a journey of collaboration, cooperation, and a renewed commitment to further world evangelization.

The successful gathering of international leaders required efforts to obtain approval from their respective countries in order for them to enter the United States. This task, although challenging, yielded miraculous results as a few distinguished individuals from particularly sensitive countries were able to attend.

The Sender’s Summit theme, “Finishing the Task Together,” was inspired by two scriptures: Matthew 24:14 and John 4:34. The morning devotionals focused on the concept of “Finishing” the task of world evangelization, highlighting the significance of reaching areas where the gospel has yet to gain a strong foothold. Additionally, the theme emphasized the importance of “Together,” encouraging cooperation, networking, and team building among missions leaders to accomplish what would be challenging or impossible to achieve individually.

To inspire and impart wisdom, veteran missions leaders were invited to speak. Among the notable presenters were Rob Kettering from River Valley Church, Dominic Yeo from Singapore, Denny Duron from Louisiana, and many others. These speakers brought a wealth of experience and insight.

Each day the Summit explored one of three central themes from the Best Practices Document, recently created by the World Assemblies of God Missions Commission. These themes include: Missions Theological Foundations, Best Practices for New Senders, and Best Practices for Missions on the Field.

The Sender’s Summit was a historic event for both the World Assemblies of God and the international missions community marked by the powerful presence of God. Only God knows the ultimate results for the nations because of a prophetic word received in faith and acted on. “This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”