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MN Youth Convention (MYC) in October hit a record attendance of 4,115 people, 100 more than ever before. Through the Unsaved Friends Scholarship, 683 students attended for free, some hearing the gospel for the first time. Another exciting first was creating an MYC highlight video. Check it out at!

During the first service, Pastor Choco de Jesús presented a compelling message on being marked by God and hundreds of students responded for salvation.

On Friday, Heath Adamson challenged students and leaders to find their identity in Christ and live greater than the lies society tells us. We have already heard countless stories about how students’ and leaders’ lives were greatly impacted by his message.

Heath also challenged MN students and

leaders in the area of giving to missions through Speed the Light (STL). In just one service, $32,150.42 was given to the missions agency Live | Dead through various STL projects.

Beyond the MYC offering, over $350,000 was committed in goals for the 321 Challenge night on November 15. As of this printing, students and leaders from more than 100 MN youth groups have raised over $270,000 towards that goal!

We have heard some incredible stories of students working hard to meet their individual goals. One 12-year-old student exceeded his $1,000 goal by selling water bottle party trays for $10 each.

Don’t forget to send in your year-end STL offering to the National Office in Springfield! Email with questions.

-Kirby St. John