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Missionary Associates | Mark Boone, MN Missions Director

MDC is excited about missions!  A great part of that excitement comes from our Missionary Associates (MAs).  Our MAs are full-fledged missionaries coming to us from all over Minnesota.  MAs are young and old; single and married; man and woman; veteran ministers and those just starting out in ministry.  Even though they are being supervised and mentored by a career missionary, they are doing the same ministry alongside those whom they are serving with.  The ministry of one of our MA families serving in South America is a good example.  They are actively involved in one of our AGWM Child Hope schools teaching English to the elementary students. He is helping with maintenance and construction at the school, she leads worship at Child Hope and is becoming involved in the worship ministry at the church.  They both are heavily involved in the children’s ministry both inside and outside of the church.  During the pandemic their family distributed food to those in need in a nearby village each week, and started ministering to the children to lay foundations for a church plant.

MDC presently has 158 AGWM missionaries.  Of this number we have 93 career and 65 MAs.  Of the 93 appointed career missionaries, the last 43 have served as MAs.  Last month MDC interviewed six more MAs desiring to transfer to career status.

Even though an MA’s budget is not as large as a career missionary, they still need the monthly support of our churches.  MAs only connect with a church they have a personal connection with. However, a pastor or church can contact them at any time or request that an MA connect with them.

If you have questions or would like to connect with our itinerating MAs, please contact the district office or Mark Boone ().

Thank you for your continued support of missions!  We could not keep sending without you.