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From its inception, the Assemblies of God has been a Missions Movement. When 300 believers gathered 107 years ago, God called them to finish the mandate to take the Good News to the ends of the earth. They prayed and asked God to help them to “be the greatest work of evangelism the world has ever seen.” Today, we believe we can complete the assignment by the power of the Holy Spirit. If we will simply be who God called us to be and do what He called us to do, there is no limit to his empowerment.

We have many missions dreams only God can help us achieve. One of those dreams is that every Minnesota pastor would have the opportunity to participate on a Vision Trip to a foreign land. Why?
When we go, we see things differently.
When we go, God expands our vision for the lost.
When we go, God births His dreams in our hearts.
When we go, God shows us the need and what we can do about it.
When we go, God equips us to be a catalyst of change in our churches through our experience.
It is never convenient, always costs money, and takes time away from our family & work.
But…you’ll never regret the time, treasure, and talent you invest.

Recently, pastors have traveled to Nepal, India, Cuba, Thailand, Tanzania, and literally to the ends of the earth. In the months ahead, there are multiple opportunities for you to participate in trips with other pastors. Lead pastors’ trips already on the calendar include Costa Rica, the Balkans, Albania, Macedonia, and Nigeria.

Additionally, in 2021, DYD, Kirby St. John took youth pastors to Kenya to see firsthand the impact of their Speed the Light giving toward projects like digging water wells, feeding refugees, and specific Live Dead initiatives. This year, eight youth leaders will go to Nigeria with World Serve.

The cost of each trip is minimal, and each trip involves a different missions project. Participating in one of these teams will allow God to expand your vision and birth new dreams in your heart. Please pray about participating in one of these teams.

For more information on Vision Trips or to sign up for a team, contact Joanna Kalyvas at 612-332-2400 or .