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Scott Wilson, Lead Pastor of The Oaks Fellowship Church in Red Oak, TX, was the featured speaker at this year’s retreat. He braved the “2018 MN Snowpocolypse” to get there, but launched a strong, firey start at Monday night’s banquet.

That night Pastor Scott shared his story growing up in a pastor’s home and his journey with the Holy Spirit. When he took over his father’s church years ago, his service model looked a bit different. He did not want anything to hinder the unchurched seeker from returning or finding salvation.

Five years ago, a fellow AG pastor from down the road shared a word with him. He felt the Lord prompted him to ask Pastor Scott one question: “Will you give me one minute in the service?”

Through that word and time in prayer Pastor Scott realized he had been planning services and asking the Lord to bless it, instead of asking God what He wanted. The following Sunday he told his congregation he was giving the services back to God and was trusting Him in whatever that looked like.

God told him, “I am pouring out my spirit in a new way” and He is showing Pastor Scott   it doesn’t have to be “weird”; it’s “naturally supernatural”. He can “pastor the moment” and walk the seasoned Christian and the seeker along the same journey. Since that time, The Oaks has seen many salvations and baptisms in the Holy Spirit.

Throughout the retreat, Pastor Scott walked through the gifts of the Spirit and the activation of those gifts. Our ministers were challenged to ask the Lord  what He wanted and to listen and obey God’s promptings.

Visit online to download recordings from the retreat and click on the link to subscribe to our new MDC podcast.

Save the date for next year’s event, now called “Connect”: January 21-23, 2019 in St. Cloud. Featured speakers include Scotty Gibbons and Mark Batterson!