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Lake Geneva Christian Center Project Update  |  Mark Dean, District Superintendent

The number of campers at Lake Geneva Christian Center (LGCC) continues to grow year after year and this summer the trend has continued. This summer Family Camp was again at full capacity, and we also experienced record attendance in our age-graded camps. Over the past dozen years Kids Camps have grown from 1,054 campers to 1,972 campers and Youth Camps have grown from 1,755 campers to over 3,300 campers.

Because of this significant growth, we are in the process of adding a new mixed-use housing structure along the shoreline with sleeping accommodations for 224 additional campers each night. It will be a hybrid of dormitory-style rooms like the Lakeview Center and smaller units like the ones in the Kingsriter Retreat Center, with an enclosed swimming pool and outdoor hot tub that can be utilized throughout the year. This new facility will be located on the lakefront south of the Dining and Event Center and will have an enclosed walkway which will connect directly to the Dining & Event Center.  The estimated cost for the entire project is $10 million.

Pastor Clarence St. John and Supt. Mark Dean have been meeting with church leaders and friends of the camp regarding partnering in this project.  Of the approximately $10 million needed for the project, $7 million has already been given or committed and the cash portion of the amount already received is $3.7 million. Some gifts have been given all at once and others have extended their giving with 3-4 year commitments.

Construction for the project began in mid-June. The excavation is finished, the footings have been poured and the foundation walls are beginning to take shape. It will be exciting to see the outline of the buildings as they come into focus.  Sometime next summer or early fall we should be able to utilize this new space. As we continue to look to heaven for God’s favor and provision, please pray with us not only for His provision, but also for His blessing to rest over our camps and campers.

We are so grateful for the generosity of so many towards Camp. Lake Geneva is an incredible resource to churches, pastors, and families as we endeavor to raise up future leaders among the next generation.  Will you consider being a part of what God is doing at LGCC with this new endeavor?

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