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The Gathering Community Church | Pastor Tabi Horne

Becoming her family’s 3rd generation Assembly of God pastor was the furthest thing from Tabi Horne’s mind as she graduated college and began her adult life. “I didn’t want anything to do with ministry; I wanted to be a lawyer.” She attended North Central University and majored in Psychology and English.

As Tabi was closing in on 30 years old, she reflected on what was happening in her life. Growing up as a pastor’s kid, life revolved around the church. Although Tabi served and went on mission trips, “I just knew there was more that I was supposed to be doing for God, so I interned at my church at the time.” This resulted in her being hired full-time by the church, and she worked there for almost five years.

After her time there, she went on to a corporate setting in learning and development for eight years. During this time, she knew there was more God wanted for her. When Tabi visited her mom in Dallas in 2020, she attended two churches where she felt the Holy Spirit moving. She felt a hunger for a church where both long-time Christians and people who do not know anything about Jesus could sense the moving of the Holy Spirit.

While searching for a place that fulfilled that desire, she helped a pastor friend plant a local church campus. Over the subsequent two years, people mentioned church planting to her, saying they thought it would be a great fit for her.

When Tabi’s stepmom was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer, she went back and forth to Kansas City while working full-time and helping with the church plant. After ten months, Tabi’s stepmom passed away. It was at this moment when Tabi knew the only thing that matters is what is done for Jesus. As she reassessed where she wanted to put her time and what the Lord was stirring in her heart, she sat in a restaurant and opened her journal. All she wrote was “church planting?” That is how The Gathering Community Church got started. Tabi gave the process over to God, saying, “I’m going to take the step, and God, as you open the doors, I’ll walk through them.” That is precisely what happened.

The Gathering Community Church aims to make a difference in Robbinsdale because Tabi has a passion for urban ministry. The church will be partnering with Good in the Hood, an urban-based organization offering resources, including groceries, hot meals, footwear, and more.

“In the Cities, as it is in Heaven” serves as the tagline and goal for The Gathering Community Church. Tabi emphasized, “We want to be a church representing the Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is not one race. It is not one gender. It is not one generation. So that is our prayer. The Kingdom of heaven does not look like any one thing except people who love Jesus.”