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And if your story is compelling, people won’t care whether you shot it on a smartphone or a $5000 DSLR camera.

Here are some simple tools that can enhance your church’s videos:

Handheld smartphone gimbal:

You can create great stories by shooting video on a smartphone! And if you give volunteers the tools to shoot their own video, you can build a volunteer team capable of filming great footage at your next event or missions trip! For just $120, you can get a stabilizer for your smartphone that lets you create smooth footage for a fast-paced montage or add simple B-roll shots for a testimony, interview, or announcement. Click here for two of the best phone gimbal options of 2019:

Don’t skimp on audio.

For testimony videos and announcements, prioritize audio quality. This new audio recorder from Tascam makes it really easy to record audio separate from your camera. Once you have the footage and audio on your computer, they are easy to sync up in Premiere Pro, Final Cut, or any free video editing software on Mac or PC. This pocket-sized lav mic recorder records straight to a micro SD card, removing the need for wireless equipment or complicated audio setups.

Invest in a cinema camera!

Even 5 years ago, technology like this was out of reach for almost all churches. Today, you can purchase a 4k cinema camera for just $1300. Check out this video review of the BMD Pocket Cinema Camera 4k setup:

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