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Aitkin Assembly of God  |  Pastor Andrew and Victoria Jergenson

Andrew and Victoria’s pastoral journey began when Victoria started attending a local church. Andrew worked full-time for Walmart and attended if he had a Sunday off. Victoria began to pray fervently for Andrew’s spiritual growth and calling. She asked God for a husband who would be a godly leader and mentor. Little did she know that these prayers would play a crucial role in Andrew’s journey toward becoming a pastor.

Later, a friend invited Victoria to an Assembly of God church in Glenwood, MN, and Andrew became friends with Pastor Andrew Sheldon. Later, he learned it was a Pentecostal church; this was all new! Sheldon encouraged Andrew to read his bible, study, and learn. Andrew shared, “It’s been one blind faith step after another.” Unexpectedly, Sheldon asked Andrew, “Have you ever thought about pastoring?” Andrew’s initial response was a resounding “no,” but God had other plans. Fast forward, he found himself on the path to becoming an associate pastor, credentialed with the Assemblies of God.

Later, Andrew received a call from Mark Boone, who was interim pastor at Aitkin Assembly of God at the time. He asked if Andrew and Victoria had ever thought about Aitkin. The next day, at about four in the morning, Andrew was awakened with his heart pounding, “My heart was breaking for Aitkin.” The night before, Victoria had also been awakened with tears running down her face, heartbroken, “all I could think of was Aitkin.” They called Mark Boone back and visited the leadership team in Aitkin. Not knowing why, Andrew and Victoria shared how they had both been woken up during the night. The leadership team said, “Because we have been praying for God to wake up the next pastors, get on their knees, and pray for Aitkin.”

The move to Aitkin was swift, and within weeks, the Jergensons were an integral part of the community and church. The timing of their arrival seemed divinely ordained as they stepped into a church primed for growth. The groundwork laid by previous pastors set the stage for a remarkable beginning.

Andrew and Victoria’s ministry style focuses on building relationships and fostering a sense of community inspired by a welcoming atmosphere, akin to visiting Grandma’s house. After Sunday services, people stay for Acts 2 BBQ. Sunday after Sunday, they gather to enjoy food and fun activities while building connections that transcend the church walls.

Through their journey, Andrew and Victoria emphasize the importance of “ending well” in each season of life and ministry, whether in growth, pruning, or transition seasons.