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Cornerstone Assembly of God  | Pastor Richard Broberg

Richard Broberg’s journey to become a pastor wasn’t a straightforward path. Growing up in the Assemblies of God, he felt the call to ministry at 12 years old at Lake Geneva Bible Camp. He later attended North Central University. However, after a year and a half, Richard realized he was uncomfortable speaking publicly and decided to drop out, becoming a plumber instead.

It wasn’t until Richard and his family started attending the Free Methodist Church in Motley, MN, that his call to ministry resurfaced. Despite his previous reservations and a plumbing career, Richard became ordained in 2017 and started serving in the church.

During the planning stages to make a move to Illinois, Richard’s brother-in-law, Kenny Kjeldergaard, called Richard and suggested they consider an open church position in Baudette. However, they moved forward with the plan for Illinois.

Eventually, Richard and his wife felt Illinois was not their long-term home. His former NCU roommate encouraged him to make a call about the opening in Baudette. Before he could, the Interim Pastor in Baudette contacted him for an interview. Remembering Kenny’s suggestion, the family drove ten hours to begin the interview process. They were welcomed with open arms.

Today, Richard serves as the pastor of Cornerstone Assembly of God, where God’s favor has been evident financially and with people attending. They are a church that is deeply rooted in the community. Pastor Richard emphasizes the importance of being a part of the community beyond the walls of the church. They have been able to come together, donate to local events, and participate in events such as the “Take a Kid Fishing” event. Richard is co-vocational, running his plumbing business in Baudette and making new connections regularly.

In Richard’s words, “I believe that God uses all of our experiences, even the ones that don’t make sense, to bring us where we are supposed to be.” For Richard, that meant following his heart and returning to the far northwest corner of Minnesota to serve his community and lead his congregation.