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By Pastor Darrell Geddes

We are living in exciting times! It is estimated that by 2040 America will become a majority minority nation. At this present time, 20% of Minnesota’s population identify as people of color. Seventy-five percent of people of color make their homes in the seven-county Twin Cities Metropolitan area, but there is a trend of movement into Greater Minnesota.

What is true for the nation and the state of Minnesota is also true for our fellowship. If the Assemblies of God continues to grow at its present rate, it is estimated that in the not too distant future we will also be a majority minority religious organization. My hope is that as we move toward this great milestone we will embrace it by learning to celebrate our diversity.

I am so proud of the leadership of the Minnesota District and our Superintendent Mark Dean, who has not ignored the trend within our district. Instead, he has embraced the changes and has been proactive in attempting to provide a clear path for ministers of color who want to become part of our district. The Minnesota District invests in church planting among communities of color and provides a way toward credentialing through initiatives like the MNSOM William Seymour Black Leadership Scholarship. We have also been intentional about adding representation of color in places of decision-making and encouraging bridge-building partnerships between rural, suburban, and urban congregations. We applaud what is happening in our district!

At our upcoming Connect Conference on January 17-19 in Waite Park, we will be celebrating the diversity that is becoming a significant part of our district. We have churches or ministry outreaches among Somalis, Hispanics, Hmong, Russian, Native Americans, Africans, and African Americans and we have a number of churches that are intentionally multi-cultural.

We want to celebrate our diversity and accept the challenge to creatively reach out to the communities of color that are becoming part of the fabric that makes up the state of Minnesota. I look forward to seeing you at Connect!