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Church Communications can feel like an unsolvable puzzle. Check out these articles that list some helpful ideas for communicating clearly and effectively!

Top 5 Essential Pages for your Website:

While you may already have some of these pages on your church website, it’s great to take a step back and evaluate what people actually look for on your website. By focusing your energy on making these pages accessible and helpful, you can best serve your community and congregation!

How to Build a Social Media Team

For most churches, social media has truly become a ministry in itself. Don’t run this ministry alone!
This post from Church Motion Graphics provides some inspiration to help you start a social media team:

9 Tips for Better Announcements

Whether you share announcements in print, on video, or live during your service, these tips might challenge the way you share announcements. What if you started referring to them as “opportunities” rather than “announcements”? Check out this article for some simple techniques to help you write effective announcements.

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