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Good morning, this is Ben from the MN District Communications Team! Over the last few years, I’ve realized how common it is for one church leader to be responsible for everything “technical.” This includes tech for worship services, website, social media, graphics and more! Every week, I’ll be sending out an email with practical tools and educational resources on communications, media, and technology. Let me know how these resources are able to help you, and please share your suggestions, questions, or feedback!

Improving Worship Sound with EQ

I used to be intimidated by all the knobs on soundboards. It took time to understand how to dial everything in, but learning how to understand EQ and frequencies is a HUGE step in tackling live sound. Check out this article below that explains different frequencies and how they affect each instrument and vocal in your worship mix!

Free Tool For Resizing Graphics

It’s exciting when you finish a beautiful graphic for your next ministry event! Now you just need a Facebook event header, a version for your website, and a vertical version for your Instagram stories! It can be overwhelming to manage all these different copies. Click below to try out this helpful tool that can crop any photo to make it work on any platform. Also, check out Canva which can help you design, manage, and crop graphics. (Bonus: Canva Premium is free for non-profits!)

Church Communications: Urgent vs. Important

This article discusses the difficulties of balancing urgent communication requests with the bigger communication priorities at your church. How do you usually respond to situations like this?

“Urgent does not always equal important. But it’s the urgent requests that keep us from focusing on what’s most important.”
-Phil Bowdle

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