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Former Superintendent, Clarence St. John, invited Chris to join the Minnesota District Council team on a part-time basis in August of 2014. In May 2017, our new Superintendent, Mark Dean, asked Chris if he and Kristin would come on the District team full-time as the Children’s Director. After much prayer, the Pruetts have accepted the position and are thrilled to work with Pastor Mark and to help him carry out his vision for Children’s Ministry across this state starting October 1st.

Chris accepted Christ at the age of four and grew up in the church. His parents, Chuck and Karol Pruett, were the Jr. High Pastors at Bloomington AG (now Cedar Valley Church) for two years and Children’s Pastors at Brainerd AG for 10 years.

Chris learned unicycling, juggling, puppetry, and magic tricks all by the age of 12. While praying for kids around an altar at camp, Chris felt God calling him into children’s ministry. He is so thankful that his Kid’s Pastor (who happened to be his dad) allowed him to be a part of the ministry week in and week out.

In 1997, God awakened something in Chuck and Karol’s heart. Chuck thought he was going to be a children’s pastor for life, but God revealed to him that the greatest influencer for children’s ministry is a senior pastor. Pastor Clarence St. John told Chuck and Karol of a ministry opportunity in the small town of Princeton. At the time, Princeton AG (now New Life Church) was running 25 people on a Sunday.

Chris has attended New Life Church for 20 years and served on staff for 14 of those years as the Children’s Pastor.

He married Kristin, the love of his life, in 2004 and they have three beautiful kids: Carter, Carson, and Cally. They thoroughly enjoy working together and have been blessed beyond measure to serve with Pastor Chuck, the NLC staff, and the amazing people at New Life. Chris reflects, “Witnessing God grow His church from 25 to 900 people in a town of 4,700 still makes me shake my head. God has allowed us to be a part of something bigger than anyone ever could have hoped or imagined.”

Last year on Wednesday nights, New Life Church ran over 500 children/youth and leaders from birth-18 years. “Pastor Chuck has had a laser-focus on reaching 27-42 year olds through reaching their kids and teens. In doing this, we have grown in every demographic. I don’t think this model is Pastor Chuck or even Princeton-specific. I would love to see lead pastors continue to propel this vision! They are the biggest influencers in the church, and it must start with them. There is so much at stake because we are only one generation away from a people who don’t know their God.”

Since Chris started in 2014, Minnesota Kids’ Ministry has reached record numbers during the camp season, Leaders’ Retreat, Kids Worship XP, and BGMC giving. Chris said, “This happened because of two reasons. The first is because God is on the move. The second is because of our incredible team of kids pastors and leaders who make up one of the strongest KidMin teams in the nation. They are the most creative, fun, hardworking people I’ve ever met, and it is an honor to work by their side and to dream with them even more!”