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This week, Renewed Vision announced ProPresenter 7 which includes some great looking updates and new features! We’ll also take a look at a church production webinar that aired this week.

ProPresenter 7

This week, Renewed Vision released ProPresenter 7, an exciting update to their popular slide presentation software! It includes awesome features like a new announcements display, multi-screen setup and many more. They also built a new version for Windows from the ground up in order to improve performance and reliability for Windows users. Check out this video below to learn more, and you can download a free version on Renewed Vision’s website to see if this software will work for your church!

2020 Worship Summit Live

A group of church media and technology experts did a live webinar this week about church tech production and live streaming! 10 different nationally-known presenters shared tips on audio, Facebook live video, and certain software such as EasyWorship, vMix, and Ableton Live. The video is 8 hours long, but they provide links to find certain sections of the discussion. This webinar will have useful information for a church of any size, so be sure to take some time to check it out this week!


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