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The Acts 2 Journey is a program that brings pastors and their core teams together and guides them in developing goals, values, and mission statements for each of their church communities. This innovative approach to church growth encompasses various facets and has proven to be a significant catalyst for 17 Minnesota churches this past year.

As we near the conclusion of our first year, here is a look at the effects it has had on the first group:

As a recently installed pastor in an established smaller church, the Acts 2 Journey gave us tools to build a vision team that has helped re-establish our church mission and values and focus on leadership. It has given us life and excitement in a broad base across our congregation to move into “can do and let’s do” mode. Taking the Acts 2 Journey at Northwood Church has brought life and excitement to establishing ourselves in our community again!
-Tony Vietti, Northwood Church, Redwood Falls

Our team is more unified than it’s ever been because of the Acts 2 Journey. I now feel like… I’m not just casting a vision on my own. We’re doing it as a team because they were a part of the process of coming up with the vision. That also means the team is committed to seeing it come to fruition.
-Dan Risdall, Restoration Church, Glenwood

The Acts 2 Journey has been such a catalyst for Radiant church. It has united our leadership team while allowing God to reshape the vision and values of our church. Through this, God is leading us into new territory and providing much-needed clarity on where to focus our resources and energy. The end result is for us to be more effective in how we reach our community with the hope of Jesus and help people establish, grow, and put their faith into practice. Having alignment around how God is asking us to carry out His mission brings unity and excitement to our church. I highly recommend going through the Acts 2 journey as it’s so practical and will help lead you into God’s future for your church. 
-Josh Geary, Radiant Church, Owatonna

Acts 2 is definitely a journey.
We took our church through this in Phoenix with great results, setting us up for vision amid transition. Here in a rural Minnesota setting, it has been just as vital, if not more so. When we came to Litchfield, the pre-Sunday morning experience was a group of regulars sitting around a table in the back of the fellowship hall. Yes, we moved them – and going through the Acts 2 journey has moved them even further. Now, they don’t just have a vision for the foyer but to reach out beyond the front door and into the parking lot on Sundays – and throughout the week. Acts 2 has taken a “pastoral” vision and given the congregation ownership into it being “their” vision.  We are looking forward to what is next for Blessings Church, Litchfield.
– Mark and Teresa Olson, Blessings Church, Litchfield

Having recognized the need and desire to take the church to the next level, we launched into the Acts 2 Journey. The vision team’s increased buy-in and ownership in the ministry have been phenomenal. In the past eight months, we have refined and made our vision statement “t-shirt worthy,” identified and defined our core values, and are currently in the process of developing a course of action for moving forward, giving our people an opportunity to grow deeper and be further equipped to impact our community and beyond with the gospel message. 
Lisa Jordan, Hill City Assembly of God

The Acts 2 Journey has been such a blessing to Crystal Hills Assembly, and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out! The number one thing I have seen is how this process has taught 11 key people from our Church to see the Church from a “big picture” perspective…as I do. This is SO valuable. I have 11 people who know some of the work that must go on behind the scenes, which helps them think like leaders, maybe even like pastors. We’re unified in mission, vision, and purpose. Having a unified core in these things will make it much easier to bring the rest of the Church on board. Special thanks to our MN District for putting this on…and to Alton Garrison and his team for making this material available and leading us through it.
-Dan Courtney, Crystal Hills Assembly, Paynesville

Acts 2 Journey has been an eye-opener and a wake-up call for our church. It is only when you intently look within, realize where you are in your lifecycle, and make the complex adjustments with the help of the Holy Spirit and your Acts 2 Journey Team that real change will begin. It is a process but one that leads to a fresh new life for the entire ministry. So, do not be afraid because the teachings are like looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing where adjustments and changes need to be made, and believe me, your Acts 2 Journey Facilitators will help you all the way through, and the Minnesota District will ensure it happens. 
– Zinna Abedu-Bentsi, Brookdale Christian Center

The Acts 2 Journey has helped our church clarify and streamline the vision God has called us to go after for our church. The buy-in from key church leaders helping sharpen the core values has been a key element to our experience. As we dream for what God has next for our church, we know the prayer, work, and strategizing put in during this last year will position our church for success for years to come!
-Sam Muhlbauer, Buffalo Community Assembly of God

The Acts 2 Journey is an incredible opportunity for pastors to experience a strategic church vision and ministry development pathway with key leaders in their church. A2J solves the challenge pastors often have in casting a vision for growth that lay, leaders, get excited about. By taking the journey together, 100% buy-in results in the heart of the entire team. Don’t let the cost stop you! What you get for it can’t be beat.
– Doug Graham, Assistant Superintendent, MN District Council

Through the Acts 2 Journey, pastors and their teams have rekindled their vision, rediscovered their core values, and rallied around a common mission. These churches have gained clarity, direction, and a renewed sense of mission by embracing the process. As a result, they are better positioned to reach out to their communities and make a meaningful impact on the lives of those they serve.  Register here to enroll your church in Acts 2 Journey 2024.