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Kid’s Camp was a hit this year with the “MN Ninja Warrior – Slime Edition” theme. Josh Wood and Aaron Strawn did an amazing job leading the services. A total of 1,869 campers passed through the Lake Geneva Christian Center grounds over three very full weeks between June 12-30. Including counselors and staff, there were 2,520 total people, making this the biggest season of Kid’s Camp in over ten years!

Over the three weeks, they recorded 165 salvations, 244 recommitments to Christ, 258 Holy Spirit baptisms, 114 healings, and 97 students called into ministry.

One Kids’ Pastor sent in a healing testimony of a student, who was was born with ear problems and had surgery before camp that left her ears hyper-sensitive. She had to wear ear plugs and sit in the back during services but still experienced extreme pain from the noise. During the Wednesday night service she was down at the altar praying by herself and felt a warm sensation in her ears. The next morning she didn’t need her ear plugs and did not have any problems from that time on – she was completely healed! This girl also felt God’s call on her life to be a singer, and she is already taking steps to join the kids’ church worship team.

Missions is a core value of camp, and the students collectively gave over $13,000 towards BGMC (Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade).

Kirby St. John did an amazing job leading the charge in his first Youth Camp as MN District Youth Director. Students were challenged to “Pioneer” and make a difference in their schools

and communities. Featured speakers were Corey Kalinowski, Micah MacDonald, Jayme Montera, Scotty Gibbons, and Jeff Grenell.

It was a record year in numbers for Youth Camp. The camper total was up 171 students from 2016, also making it the highest ever MN Youth Camp attendance. Over all four weeks of Youth Camps, LGCC hosted 2,406 total campers and 468 staff members, bringing the total to 2,874.

Throughout the four weeks, staff recorded 78 salvations, 469 recommitments to Christ, 243 first-time Holy Spirit baptisms, 239 refilled baptisms of the Holy Spirit, 120 recorded healings, and 149 students called into ministry.

Another St. John was seen during Sr. Teen Week 1, as Clarence St. John counseled a group of boys from ICCM Life Center. He encouraged the students and was a great influence for them all week. Pastor St. John was dubbed “the most memorable counselor ever”. He also participated in all rec games and named his team “The A Team”, leading their color team to a first-place win!

All weeks of Youth Camp saw a record-breaking increase of Speed the Light (STL) offerings. The STL total for the summer was over $90,000. That is almost double what has ever been given in a past summer (exactly $43,320.51 more than what has ever been given).

All Kids and Youth Camp videos are now posted online at