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Camper Registration
FCF Big Adventure requires this form along with others found in the link below.


August 3-6

Discovery Advancement Academy – Merit camp for boys finishing grades 3-5, to assist in earning merits for advancement. This year’s merits include: Art, Astronomy, Rocketry,, Family Gamer, and Chemistry Basics

FCF Big Adventure – Want to join Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship? This camp will equip boys & men ages 11-99 on the exciting journey into FCF.

FCF Skills Camp – For FCF members to learn and hone skills of the frontier by completing an arrowhead merit.

Survival Action Camp – Campers will challenge themselves as they learn to live off the land. They will be instructed on how to: forage, prepare wild plants for eating, and purify water. They will also develop snaring and trapping skills, how to apply wilderness first aid, and build survival shelters.

August 10-13

Junior Training Camp – Designed for boys who completed 7th grade, this camp will help develop leadership skills by mentoring others.

Adventure Advancement Academy – For boys that have completed 6th grade, assists in developing leadership while earning merits toward Gold Metal of Achievement. Merits this year: Christian Service and Carpentry and possibly Truck Transportation and/or Swimming

Shooting Sports Camp – Boys who have completed 9th grade or above to learn and have hands on training in shooting sports.

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