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What is your church looking for in a video camera? The newest cameras boast impressive 4K capability, autofocus, image stabilization, and sensor size. Check out these resources that explain these features and discuss which cameras are best suited for your church’s needs and budget!

The Best Church Video Setups of 2020

In this video, Brady Shearer discusses some of the absolute best cameras out there for cinematic shooting, live production, and run-and-gun videography for B-roll and social media. While these cameras will be outside the price range of most churches, Brady walks through some priorities that many churches have and explains the pros and cons of several new camera features.

Some of the biggest takeaways are that finding the right lense is everything (your camera body might not have built-in image stabilization, but you can still find a lense with stabilization). Brady also notes that some higher-end cameras can be used for two jobs: B-roll and interviews throughout the week as well as live streaming and IMAG for Sunday services.

PC Mag Camera reviews

This article from PC Mag covers the gap between $10,000 medium format cameras and $500 DSLRs. This article reviews the best DSLRs and mirrorless cameras of 2019, explains some terminology and gives a detailed list of pros and cons for 10 different cameras. Give it a read to learn about important cameras specs to look out for in your next purchase!

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