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Improving Audio Quality

If you’re new to live streaming, it can take some time to get the audio right. Learning how to EQ and compress the dynamics of your audio makes a big difference, especially if you have music and a sermon in your livestream. If you’re brand new to live streaming, this first article shares some quick fixes and simple tips to set you up for success. The second link is a video that has some more advanced tips that you can try if you have the capacity to implement software and audio plugins for controlling your live stream audio.

Online Service Hosting

Since churches are relying heavily on their live stream for ministry interactions, we encourage having a live stream host. This can be a staff member or volunteer who interacts with viewers in the comments or live chat. This can include personally welcoming viewers by name, taking prayer requests, or providing helpful links and resources relevant to the message. Check out this article for ideas on how to host an online service:

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