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2nd Half Ministries

Ministry for Seniors


We would like to introduce our new Minnesota SAM director to you! Pastor Bruce Talso has been appointed by our District to direct our ministry to seniors. Bruce has served on our SAM Committee for the past five years and has been editing our newsletter during that time. Bruce & his wife Yvonne served as pastors of the Crystal A/G from 1982 – 1995 and have served as interim pastors in a number of churches since that time. Bruce has also served in a number of local ministries including; police and prison chaplaincy, Director of Midwest Hebrew Ministries, GMAE (Transform Minnesota) and Wings Outreach; a ministry to the physically challenged. Bruce & Yvonne are parents to three married children, eight grandchildren and reside in Brooklyn Park; a suburb of Minneapolis. Bruce has a vision to expand the Senior Adult Ministries in Minnesota. We welcome his vision!
We wish to thank Wes and Nancy Vagle for their dedication in serving as our Directors for the past two years. Their leadership has been appreciated and we wish them on-going blessings as they continue to serve as Regional Coordinators for the North Central RV MAPS program. Nancy will continue to serve on the SAM Committee.
– The Minnesota District
From Wes and Nancy Vagle – “We have resigned our position as Directors of Minnesota Senior Adult Ministries (SAM) due to added responsibilities caring for Nancy’s 96 year old mother. It has been a privilege to serve you for the past two years. We have been invited to continue our involvement by working on the SAM Committee and we look forward to working with the new Director, Bruce Talso, as he expands this ministry. Blessings to all.”
– Wes and Nancy Vagle



New: Senior Adult Ministry Ideas: Here are some ideas to provide specific activities for seniors.

We are looking for SAM (Senior Adult Ministries) coordinators in our local churches as we want to begin developing a network of SAM representatives across our state. If you have a senior adult coordinator, please forward their name, addresses and e-mails to me. If you do not yet have a seniors coordinator, I am asking you to approach someone in your church who could serve in that capacity. Please check our most current newsletter to see our latest information on SAM events. My e-mail is May God continue to bless your ministry!

Bruce Talso, SAM Director
Psalm 34:3