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Dr. Paul Freitag, MDC Stewardship Director

When we consider teachings that apply to the believer, much attention is placed on living a sanctified life as saints or servants of God. However, the role of steward takes a backseat because it involves money. Nevertheless, stewardship holds high value in every Christian’s journey.

I count it a privilege to step into this role as Stewardship Director, working with the pastors and churches of our great district to take care of their resources. Over the years I have observed a tendency in our society to neglect stewarding what God has entrusted. It has caused confusion for families and missed opportunities to bless the local church and ministries in God’s kingdom.

Regularly, I meet with families who express deep gratitude for this ministry the district established many years ago to serve our churches. They are thankful their pastor took the initiative to promote teaching on stewardship. This has included young families with children to those who are just entering their retirement years

Whether it be a Sunday morning service, a Sunday School class, a men’s or women’s group, or the prime-timers group, I love to give people a chance to review how they are stewarding their estate and to consider areas they may be overlooking.

I’m reminded of the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25. Rather than be like the servant who did nothing, let’s be sure to encourage each other to take action so our estates can bless both our families and the Kingdom of God for years to come.

I would be happy to serve you and your congregation in the future.

Dr. Paul Freitag is the new MDC Stewardship Director. He has a heart for stewardship and is a valuable resource to our pastors and churches. Paul served at North Central University for over 30 years, the latter 15 years as Vice President of Advancement. He has been an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God since 1991. For information on wills, power of attorney, health care directives, or stewardship of your estate contact him at .