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Celebrate with us! Since the start of 2021, there has been much to celebrate in MN, and I would like to share a few wins.

We are overjoyed by the completion of the Hope Project: Rwanda Challenge 2020. Our goal was to raise over $100,000, and the women and churches of Minnesota raised above and beyond what we dared to hope for or dream–$105,000! Because so many of you gave, an unquantifiable number of Rwandans will receive free access to discipleship material that is translated into their language.

We celebrate the divine opportunity to equip our Rwandan brothers and sisters to grow in faith and minister to the multitudes.

We celebrate God’s faithfulness to change the narrative of the Rwandan Church’s faith, which has been known as a being “a mile wide and an inch deep.”

We celebrate the unity of the MN District in achieving this goal, and we look forward to what we can accomplish through future annual Hope Projects!

We reached the goal on Dec. 31, 2020. As this Hope Project was originally presented at a past Sisterhood Leadership Retreat (SLR), we wanted to celebrate the win during the recent February 26-27 SLR! During a Saturday main session, we took time to praise God and thank the women and churches for their involvement in this project!

We also celebrate the opportunity to host this year’s leadership gathering completely in person at Lake Geneva Christian Center! After cancelling the January CONNECT Conference due to COVID-19 guidelines, the SLR marked the first District event of 2021.

Finally, we celebrate all God did during the retreat, as close to 300 women were encouraged, equipped, and empowered to lead well in their spheres of influence.

MN, I love you, thank you, and celebrate all God is doing within and among us!