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Worship Arts Retreat and Single Moms Retreat Go Virtual

On The year of 2020 has been all about flexibility, creativity, and new endeavors. The same was true for two of our annual spring events.

The Worship Arts Retreat moved online this year, offering two identical 90-minute sessions over Zoom, an online video conferencing platform, on May 29 and 30. Last year registration peaked at around 30 people, and this year’s retreat saw that number triple, with over 90 people registered!

Featured speaker, Dr. Tom Matrone, joined the call from his home in Springfield, MO, and Missionary Tim Lang shared how God prepared his family to love and serve unreached people across the globe. Erika Wells presented a song she wrote, inspired by last year’s retreat, and Abby Kvam, Ethan Hohn, and Wonderstate band led times of anointed worship. Each session ended with a time of connection and prayer in smaller breakout groups. Attendees left encouraged and strengthened to meet today’s challenges.

With the Single Moms Retreat being cancelled this spring, Bridging the Gap (BTG) was excited to offer their first-ever “Together Online” event through the “MNBTG Single Moms” Facebook (FB) group. With six weeks of free and encouraging speaker videos, worship videos with Dawna Johnson, and fun giveaways throughout May and June, BTG saw their FB group grow by dozens of women. Including single moms and supporters, this group now has over 900 members!

BTG was honored to show 12 pre-recorded messages from speakers such as Jennifer Maggio, Lois Breit, Portia Allen, and Kristie Kerr. BTG also added resources to the website. Generous individuals donated gifts that were given during “Together Online” or will be offered via the FB group throughout the summer. One woman  even donated $650 in gift cards!

To foster additional community within the FB group, others are welcome to record devotional videos or donate giveaways for BTG to utilize throughout the summer and fall. (Email if interested.) Invite single moms to join the FB group and save the dates for the 2021 Single Moms Retreat at LGCC on June 4-5!