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Sept 23-25, 2024
Lake Geneva Christian Center,
Alexandria MN

Cost: $60/person + lodging expense

Registration opens after Family Camp

Each year as fall schedules begin to pick up, we set aside time as pastors to refocus and refresh as we head into another exciting season of ministry.

As a District, our mission is to build quality Christian leaders and healthy faith communities to fulfill the Great Commission, and we know that prayer is at the heart of it all. As Oswald Chambers commentated in his devotional, My Utmost for His Highest, “Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer IS the greater work.”

We believe the Prayer and Fasting Retreat is a springboard for renewed vision for every minister in Minnesota. Join us at Lake Geneva Christian Center for three days of prayer, fellowship, and fasting.

This is your chance to get away from the routines of life and ministry and spend time in prayer and reflection. We encourage you to come with your pastoral team to dream about all God has in store for you, your community, and our world in the coming year!


For over twenty-five years, Tim Enloe has traveled the world with his wife, Rochelle, teaching others about the Holy Spirit. His disarming, transparent teachings are followed by powerful seasons of prayer and receiving from God. Many people experience forgiveness, physical healing, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, and other miracles at these events.

We will also have the pleasure of hearing from a guest AG World Missionary.


Sept 23-25, 2024
Lake Geneva Christian Center,
Alexandria MN

Monday, September 23

11:00 AM Registration Opens
5:00 PM Call to Prayer (Mark Dean)
6:00 PM Personal Prayer & Fasting
7:00 PM Session 1 (Tim Enloe)

Tuesday, September 24

8:00 AM Personal Devotions
9:00 AM Session 2 (Tim Enloe)
11:00 AM Corporate Prayer
1:00 PM Hour of Silence
3:00 PM Session 3 (Missionary Guest)
5:00 PM Dinner
6:30 PM Session 4 (Tim Enloe)

Wednesday, September 25

7:00 AM Personal Devotions
8:00 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Session 5 (Missionary Guest)
10:15 AM Dismissal


Cost: $60/person + lodging expense (Due at time of registration)

Tuesday evening meal only: $15/person

Lodging options:
(Housing prices are per night)

Legacy Lodge
Hotel $103 (Bedding & towels provided)
Dorm $114 (Holds Up to 10)

Kingsriter Retreat Center
$103 (Bedding & towels provided)

$80 (Holds up to 4)

Small $52 (Holds up to 2)
Large $74 (Holds up to 8)

Lakeview Center
Small Suite $80 (Holds up to 4)
Medium Suite $100 (Holds up to 6)
Large Suite $114 (Holds 10 – 12)

Renovated Rustic Cabins
$60 (Holds Up to 4)

Rustic Cabins
$38 (Holds Up to 4)

$54 (Partial Hookups)
$45 (Full Hookup)

Quality Christian Leaders | Healthy Faith Communities | Fulfilling the Great Commission