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Ordained Minister's Reference for Ordination Upgrades

This form is to be completed by an ordained Assemblies of God minister. The person who sent you this link has made application for ordination with the Minnesota District Council of the Assemblies of God (located at 1315 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404). You have been identified as one acquainted with the applicant and competent to express a trustworthy opinion regarding the applicant's qualifications to fill the sacred trust of a minister of the Gospel. We value your judgement and appreciate your cooperation. Thank you for taking the time to complete this form in its entirety. Your reply will be regarded as confidential. (Note: The applicant (and spouse) have completed Authorization and Release forms, which are on file in the district office. These guarantee that the applicant will not be aware of your responses.)


  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

  • For this section, if you haven't had an opportunity to observe the applicant in regards to the question asked or area described, please type, "No opportunity to observe" in the text box.