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In a recent MDC Monthly article, Pastor Chris DeLaurentis expressed gratitude for all of the pastors and churches who have invested in Life Center (ICCM) over the years. He described Life Center as “Minnesota’s church.” By that same sentiment, it could be said that Minneapolis is “Minnesota’s city.”

This is where our pastors gather in a small brick building on Portland Ave to dream. This is where the next generation of ministers is trained in buildings along Elliot Ave. This is where thousands of lives have been freed from addictions in Teen Challenge locations all across the city. And this is where countless numbers of people are hurting.. reeling from what happened on Monday.

As followers of Christ, we examine our hearts. We listen. We hurt with the hurting. We grieve with the grieving. A local pastor was asked, “What can we do when this feels so overwhelming?”… he responded, “Start with empathy, compassion, and respect… then pass it on.”

As we have wept over Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth, may we also weep over our Jerusalem… May the Lord give us a heart for OUR city… for Minneapolis.